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By Students, For Students.

Here at TutorScope, we believe in education for all. That’s why we offer high-quality, free online tutoring for students of all ages. No strings attached. 



One-on-one, personalized tutoring by highly-qualified high school students


Schedule a session now! We have many session times available. 


Accessible, streamlined learning through online video conferencing



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TutorScope provides an innovative way to foster a love of learning amid hard times. With excellent help provided by dedicated students and flexibility from the time to topic, TutorScope provides a comfort to my learning and tests in a tumultuous time.


Anjali Iyer, student

I cannot thank you enough for the dedication you have towards helping my kids. Thank you for going your way and sacrificing your needs to help bridge the gap during this pandemic. You are making a difference in my kids learning experiences. Thank you again.


Sarah, parent

TutorScope was very helpful for me, especially in maths, and the tutors also explained concepts very well. It was an enriching experience for me.


Jay Shinde, student

About Us

TutorScope is a free online tutoring service created by a group of aspiring high schoolers looking to expand learning across barriers outside of the classroom.

It’s no secret that many students struggle with schoolwork at some point in their academic lives. Often, students find themselves falling behind in class due to a number of reasons, ranging from socioeconomic barriers that hinder education to simply not understanding the material during class. We know; we’ve been there. Outside of school, merely studying out of textbooks with long, confusing paragraphs or passively watching YouTube videos just didn’t seem to cut it for us, and the other options available, like tutoring or taking classes, entailed paying exorbitant fees.

As it happens to be, education beyond school misses out on an ingredient we think is key for learning: real-time, human feedback and flexibility in teaching. That is why TutorScope has made it its mission to enhance the education of students through online tutoring that is 100-percent absolutely free. 

With an easy-to-use website and available networking tools, we provide the possibility of free learning with student-oriented explanations to anyone, anywhere.    

Here at TutorScope, we have a simple belief: Anyone can teach. Everyone can learn.


The Basics



One-on-one, 15 – 30 minute sessions with a highly-qualified student tutor 


Recurring sessions that meet at a scheduled time for a set time period, with an assigned student tutor (like a traditional personal tutor experience)


We offer tutoring sessions in all core subjects, as well as essay feedback and general study techniques. Head to the “Subjects” page to see a more detailed list.


You can use TutorScope straight from the comfort of your own home! We use Zoom to communicate with students online through video conferencing, allowing for less hassle and more flexibility.