There are a variety of ways to reach out to us. Much of our communication is done by email at contact@tutorscope.org. You can go to the "Contact" tab for any quick questions you may have. Find us on social media by clicking the icons on the top right of the website (you can DM us this way as well).
Yes! TutorScope will always be free. Maintaining opportunities for free education is at the core of our beliefs here at TutorScope. We understand that many students and parents are unable/don't want to pay extra money for tutoring, and as students ourselves, we understand the struggle of trying to get more help with school. That's why we offer our services free of cost, no strings attached.
Yes, we are offering unlimited free sessions. To sign up for another session after your first one, simply use the password we sent you in the enrollment/confirmation email to access the "Lesson Page" tab and book another session.
Yes, our sessions are one-on-one.
Sessions are 15, 30, or 60 minutes. If needed, we are happy to spend some extra time past the time limit to solidify the student's understanding. Also, keep in mind the student can always schedule another session at a later time.
We use Zoom, a free online video conferencing tool, to communicate with our students. Students will need to have Zoom in order to join the session. We highly recommend installing the Zoom app (free) at https://zoom.us/download for optimal experience, but you can also use your normal web browser.
No, the student has the option of hiding video in Zoom if they are not comfortable with showing their face. However, they do need to allow access to the microphone in order for us to communicate with them.
We record all sessions for safety purposes, as well as to see how we can improve personally in our tutoring. Recordings will never be released publicly without consent. If you are uncomfortable with us recording your session, email us at contact@tutorscope.org.
Yes, the student will be able to choose their tutor if that tutor has available slots for a given subject area. If a student wants to continue with a tutor after completing a session, they can choose from that tutor's available slots in the future as well.
Please email us at contact@tutorscope.org for any subject requests and we will see what we can do to accommodate you. In the future, we are planning to offer more higher-level courses as our tutors take them; we are expecting many more AP subject offerings, so be on the lookout for those!
You should receive a link to join your session through email once your tutor confirms your booking. If you still have not received it then, please email us at contact@tutorscope.org so we can resend it.
Recurring sessions are sessions that will meet continuously over a certain period of time to focus on one subject with an assigned tutor. For example - weekly half-hour Spanish tutoring sessions with one tutor throughout the whole semester. This is a lot like a traditional private tutor experience.
Check out hour "How It Works" page for detailed instructions. Each individual session cannot last more than 1 hour; however, multiple sessions can be scheduled each week as long as they are with different tutors.